Design your vocation and work happily ever after.

Here to There helps you align on your purpose, so you can bring purpose to your work.


I’m here to get you going from wherever you are. Wheather you are flaundering in your career and need a direciton, tiered of spinning your wheels and want to have more purposeful work, or you are ready to launch your killer passion project and need suppport. We’ll strategize your way into taking action.

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Hi, I’m Yana

An entrepreneur, storyteller, and philanthropist. I am dedicated to helping you get to the work you are passionate about, so we can make the world a little better together.

When we choose to do the work that matters to us we find more meaning in our everyday. Everything on this website is here to help you change the world, design your vocation and build your meaningful life.

Welcome to a different kind of business consulting.

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The world needs you to do what you love. Getting there is not easy, but it sure is fun and rewarding. Choose your starting point below and I’ll help you get there.


You can feel in your bones that there is something bigger and more meaningful you need to be doing, but you are just not sure what it is. I’m here to help you discover that purpose and design a master plan to change your world.

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You are ready to launch, all you need is a co-pilot to help you takeoff. I’m here to get your project from an idea that’s warming your heart to one that is warming your bank account and enriching the lives of others.

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Living your vocation and changing the world is not all rainbows and unicorns. The challenges can feel overwhelming. I’m here to help you navigate through those wicked problems in a session designed specifically for entrepreneurs needing some creative fairy dust.

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Here to There is dedicated to making the world a better place. Since every journey starts with a decisive breath, we are commiting to plant 10 trees in honour of every person we work with, so we can all breath a little easier.

After finishing the Purpose Discovery program with Yana, I not only discovered purpose in my future career, but also found overall happiness in my whole life. The program is very well designed, challenges you every session to think outside the box and dig deeper into oneself.

Mariya Miller

Toronto, Canada


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